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Lovely, subtle cheeks. That's what we like.

Dr Michael Aicken's method for safely and subtly augmenting the zygomatic arch (cheek bones) has become widely accepted by a variety of other aesthetics clinics - and not just practitioners that he has taught personally - other training academies even use his instructional video, which he placed publicly on YouTube back in the days of iPhone 4s.


This treatment effectively restores the volume lost when the natural fat pads of the face have started to slip downwards due to the effects of gravity over time. On their own, enhancement of the cheek bones help give the contoured look often hinted at with contour makeup, but this subtle tweak can also contribute to a less-rounded or less squared appearance, having an overall feminising effect on the profile.

Dr. Michael Aicken has been using hyaluronic acid gel (dermal filler) to make subtle tweaks to faces for over 16 years. He has taught his own techniques to thousands of trainees from around the world. Treatments are tailor-made to suit your needs.

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The benefits of cheek filler include:

  • Improved facial contour

  • Reduction of stubborn extended crows’ feet

  • Treatment of nasolabial lines at source (by pulling up sagging skin)

  • Improvement in the jawline if it has been affected by sagging


What age of client benefits best from cheek filler?


Younger clients enjoy having improved facial contours whilst most clients benefit from all of the above.



Which product?

Cheek augmentation typically requires either 0.5ml or 1ml bilaterally to achieve significant results. This treatment is usually with a DEEP dermal filler as these products are more viscous and will give a longer-lasting lift to the overlying soft tissue.



Which technique?

There are various options when it comes to cheek augmentation; in terms of both injection technique AND product choice. Take a look at the technique I have adopted when using Dermal Revolution (DEEP). The important thing to remember when delivering this treatment is that whilst usually hyaluronic acid is used to augment SOFT TISSUE, cheek filler involves augmentation of the bone- specifically the zygomatic arch. Some practitioners will augment anterior to the zygomatic arch but my preference is to focus on the arch itself as a safer and more aesthetically pleasing option. The technique involves depositing dermal filler on the surface of the cheekbones.

If you aren’t too squeamish, you may wish to watch Dr Michael Aicken’s widely used technique for cheek filler, below.

How long does it last?


Cheek filler is temporary, although it is fairly long-lasting and can be easily topped up. Because it's just so easy to lean on our cheekbones in our sleep, it means that filler in this area doesn't last quite as long as other parts of the face - we make up for that in some respect by using a stronger product. We would expect cheek filler to last 3-9 months depending on the client and the product.



Will it hurt?


strong anaesthetic numbing cream will be applied to the area ahead of injecting. This will minimise discomfort. The filler itself also contains lidocaine which will optimise comfort levels throughout. Additionally, as Michael has vast experience in injecting dermal filler, his injection technique will also limit discomfort.



What volume to go for?


This is between you and Michael, and he will advise you during your consultation. Every patient is different, and the results can be as subtle or as pronounced as you like. Typically (used across both cheeks) we tend to use 1-2 ml on most clients. We can use more but we'll advise if we think it's going to be too much for a client - it's best to start small and build it up with a follow-up appointment if needed.



What will it cost?


Our cheek filler at Astral Skin Clinic is £230 for 1ml (in one area) and £330 for 2ml.


What is the downtime?


As with all injections, it is possible that some slight swelling or bruising will occur for 2-3 days. We ask that you try to refrain from touching your lips or applying cream or makeup directly after the procedure. That being said, as treatments go, there is very little downtime, and after 12 hours makeup and creams can be applied.

Feel ready to book with us OR would you like some more questions answered? If so, click the link below to contact us via Whatsapp or email. We can book you directly into a clinic appointment or arrange a free telephone consultation with Dr Aicken.

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