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Another treatment that creates a more youthful appearance and brightens your face almost instantly, is tear trough filler. Tear troughs are the dark, hollow ridges that appear under the eyes, slanting away from the nose. These can sometimes join with other lines beneath the eyes, creating eye circles or forming part of eye bags. They can often appear worse when dehydrated or tired, and generally also deepen as we age. These lines are notoriously difficult to treat and have been seen by many practitioners as a big challenge in non-surgical aesthetics. 

Dr. Michael Aicken has been using hyaluronic acid gel (dermal filler) to subtly enhance patients’ features for over 16 years. He has taught his own technique to thousands of trainees from around the world. He teaches a masterclass in tear trough filler to other practitioners and is an expert in how to treat this area. His preferred method is to use a needle, for accuracy.

The treatment involves 3-4 injections under each eye. Before this, the skin will be numbed using a strong anaesthetic cream so that the whole procedure is virtually pain-free. It takes around 5-10 minutes to complete and results are instant.

tear troughs.jpeg

Is Tear Trough filler right for me?


If you're noticing that your eyes look more tired than usual, even when you're well slept and well hydrated, then this treatment is a subtle way to give yourself a more refreshed appearance. Eye bags which are mild-moderate can also be improved with this treatment and Dr Aicken will guide you through this option. Severe under eye bags are best treated with surgery.



How long does it last?


Tear trough filler is temporary, although it is fairly long-lasting and can be easily topped up. It normally lasts 9-12 months.

It's also worth noting that a Skin Booster such as Seventy Hyal or Sunekos 200 can be used in this area also. Dr Aicken can discuss this alternative or complimentary option with you during your consultation. 



Will it hurt?


strong anaesthetic numbing cream will be applied to the area ahead of injecting. This will minimise discomfort. The filler itself also contains lidocaine which will optimise comfort levels throughout. Additionally, as Michael has vast experience in injecting dermal filler, his injection technique will also limit discomfort.



What volume to go for?


Although 1ml is the recommended dose by the manufacturer (Teoxane, Redensity II), more is sometimes given during a second procedure, best carried out at least one week after the initial treatment. Around 25% of patients seem to choose to get a 2nd ml of this product. If this second treatment is given within 1 month of the 1st, a reduced price will be charged for the second syringe.



What will it cost?


Our Tear Trough filler at Astral Skin Clinic is £250 for 1ml. If needed, and returning within one month, a second ml can be added for an additional £225. Around 25% of our clients return for a second ml, so 1ml is usually enough.



What is the downtime?


As with all injections, it is possible that some slight swelling or bruising will occur for 2-3 days. We ask that you try to refrain from touching the treated area or applying cream or makeup directly after the procedure. That being said, as treatments go, there is very little downtime, and after 12 hours makeup and creams can be applied.

Feel ready to book with us OR would you like some more questions answered? If so, click the link below to contact us via Whatsapp or email. We can book you directly into a clinic appointment or arrange a free telephone consultation with Dr Aicken.

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