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Temporarily blocking the nerve signals that cause muscle contractions, Botulinum toxin anti-wrinkle injections are a household name and have become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world. FDA approved, and with over four decades of safe use under its belt, when injected into the right facial muscles these tiny injections can subtly reduce movement to reverse one big sign of ageing: wrinkles. With Dr Mike’s minimalist approach, nobody need ever know.


In the hands of a practitioner with proper training and experience, the results of this one treatment alone will leave you feeling more rejuvenated but can be paired with skin boosters and filler depending on your goals.

What areas can be treated?

Crows feet - These are the lines that radiate out from the outside of the eye when we smile. They are caused by the circular muscle around the eye, called the orbicularis oculi. Treatment aims to reduce the appearance of these lines whilst preserving the natural movement of the cheeks when smiling.

Frown lines - Most of us will have one or two of these lines appearing vertically between our eyebrows when we frown, from our mid-twenties onwards. These lines tend to get deeper over time and eventually become ingrained into the skin like scars. Botulinum toxin can be used to prevent this and also used to partially reverse the appearance. When these lines are fully set into the skin, dermal filler can be used to soften or eliminate the lines even further.

Forehead lines  These are the horizontal lines across the forehead when we raise our eyebrows. It’s said that we typically get one of these for every decade of our life. These lines can be easily softened with toxin but this must be carried out in balance with the frown lines to avoid unwanted raising or dropping of the eyebrows. 

Under eyes - Fine, crepey skin under the eyes can in some cases be treated effectively with toxin. Often this is done in conjunction with the crows’ feet treatment.

Lipstick lines - Vertical lines above the top lip can be treated fairly well with toxin. Some practitioners prefer dermal filler for this area, so there is some flexibility depending on the severity.

Lip flip - The top lip thins with age. This is partly due to the circular muscle around the mouth causing the top lip to turn inwards, thus reducing the part which is visible externally. Toxin placed along the lip line can undo some of this process, giving the appearance of fuller lips, without resorting to lip filler.

Mouth corners - The depressor oris angularis (DOA) muscles literally pull down the corners of the mouth, allowing us to show disgust while other muscles around the mouth balance this out.  Sadly, as the other muscles weaken, some of us end up with overactive DOAs and hence a permanent grumpy face. A bit of toxin can fix that of course. This is another area where dermal filler can also be used if there is also some volume loss (a dip).

Gummy smile - Some of us show the gums above our top teeth when we smile. Dental surgeons will still offer surgery to cut inside the mouth and pull the top lip further down to cover this up. Anti wrinkle toxin offers a more pleasant option. Two small injections each side will have the same effect of dropping the top lip a few millimetres to cover up gummy margin.

Masseter hypertrophy - The muscles responsible for chewing, and clenching are teeth, are the most powerful for their size in the human body and can lead to unwanted squaring of the jaw. They can be reduced in size with anti wrinkle toxin either for aesthetic purposes or to reduce tension headaches.

Nefertiti face lift - Named after the Egyptian Queen with the razor-sharp jawline, treatment of the platysmal band muscles of the neck can be used in some clients to improve the jawline.

Hyperhidrosis - Underarm sweating can be wiped out for 9-12 months with one treatment with Botulinum toxin.

Bunny lines - These are the little creases we get on the sides of the bridge of our nose when we screw up our face.

How long will it last?

Typically anywhere from 3-6 months, with hyperhidrosis effects lasting 9-12 months.


Will it hurt?

We use very tiny needles, which are the breadth of a human hair. We also apply a strong anaesthetic cream to the skin. These measures coupled with the technique of an experienced injector mean that treatments are now virtually pain free.


Feel ready to book with us or have some more questions? Click the link below to contact us via WhatsApp or email. We can book you directly into a clinic appointment or arrange a complimentary telephone consultation with Dr Mike.

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