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Astral Skin Clinic :
Dr Michael D Aicken

Dr Michael David Aicken (Mike) is well-known in the world of Aesthetics because of his training academy, “Visage Academy”. Plastic surgeons, Doctors, Nurses and a growing variety of other Healthcare Professionals have come from across Europe, the Middle East, Canada, the USA, Australia, India, Africa and even Harley Street to receive training from Dr Aicken over the past 14 years. He has also gained respect by writing for several aesthetics journals, most notably, Aesthetics Journal and Aesthetic Dentistry. In addition, Mike has developed his own brand of dermal filler (Dermal Revolution) which has been distributed throughout Europe, as well as his own Aesthetic Records app, Flourish.


After the successful handover of East London Aesthetics Clinic to his business partner (Ruth Briggs), Dr Aicken took some time out to meditate, go to the gym and write a novel. Now he is back to start afresh with his next Aesthetics venture in the Liverpool Street area of central London. Astral Skin Clinic clients will all benefit from a free, no-commitment telephone consultation with Dr Aicken. All treatments will be performed by Dr Aicken himself.

Our Doctor is fully trained and insured.

Astral Skin Clinic is part of Visage Aesthetics UK LTD which was established in 2009 (Registration number NI602955).

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